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Once again, we have the great privilege of being the conduit for unapologetic diverse expression. Genesis Magazine is unique in this respect. We continue our campaign of highlighting, celebrating, and developing science fiction, speculative fiction, sword and soul, fantasy, horror, movies, and games, in a print magazine as well as an e-mag.


We offer sincere thanks for the support of the Genesis Magazine team, our readers, advertisers and our contributors. Our website, the Genesis Anthology Book Series, and the Genesis Radio Show, would not be possible without likeminded people pulling together for a common cause.


We want to invite you to join us, if you have not already; and please become active by sharing your Sci-Fi related stories, art, photos, events, and things of that nature with us. Adding diversity to the Sci-Fi genre is important for its continued growth and betterment.


We hope you enjoy this issue and please help spread the word about the magazine, and our website:  so that even more people around the world can learn about the great work being done in the Sci-Fi genre.



Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed.